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As Internet Lawyers and Internet Attorneys, we specialize in protecting small, medium and large businesses on internet law issues related to online defamation, copyright infringement, internet and online trademark infringement, software trade secret theft and other internet law issues. When you need a real internet lawyer, talk to us first then compare the rest. Chances are we have already represented a client like you on an issue like yours.

Cybertriallawyer.com is a website operated by Traverse Legal, PLC DBA Traverse Internet Law. If you have an internet law question, whether it involves website agreements, affiliate marketing, online contract drafting or negotiation, copyright infringement, internet defamation of character, domain name disputes, hacking or unauthorized access, trade secret theft, trademark infringement or other issue arising on the world wide web, contact us today.

Founding Partner Enrico Schaefer began practicing law in 1989 and has been specializing in internet law issues since 1995. As an intellectual property lawyer who understands the internet, Mr. Schaefer has been featured in articles and interviews ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Bloomberg Radio. Along with highly qualified attorneys Mark G. Clark, Brian A. Hall, Katie Horvath, Jason Young, Andrianos M. Facchetti and Rob Kleinman, the Traverse Internet Law group of attorneys is large enough to handle complex litigation against the largest law firms, but nimble enough to offer innovative approaches to solving legal issues.

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Our internet lawyers author articles on the latest developments in Internet law inlcuding our many blogs on copyright, trademark, hacking, trade secrets, spam, domain name disputes, cybersquatting, internet defamation of character and damages.

CyberTrialLawyer.com: When You Need an Internet Lawyer to Protect Your Business, Intellectual Property, Website or Internet Reputation.

Internet Lawyer – Internet Lawyers.

Clients select us as their Internet lawyers to handle Internet law, website and online legal issues. Internet lawyer – Internet lawyers – Internet attorney – Internet attorneys – think of us as YOUR specialists, practicing the law of the Internet.

Important Disclaimer: Please note that Cybertriallawyer.com was a website previously run by Dozier Internet Law, P.C. and Attorney John Dozier. John recently passed away and this website was purchased by Traverse Legal, PLC. There is no relationship between Traverse Legal, PLC and Dozier Internet Law, PC, John Dozier or anyone previously affiliated with the Dozier Law Firm. We are working to modify this website to remove references to John Dozier and Dozier Internet Law as appropriate. Please understand that all contact through this website from September 18, 2012 will be with the Traverse Legal, PLC Law Firm. Any contacts or interactions prior were with the prior owner of the website.

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