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Accident Attorney Guide


Considerations In Selecting The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

We only practice the law of the Internet, technology and e-commerce, but many of our visitors are seeking lawyers with other specialties, and this resource page is our tool and reference point for assisting you. With many years of experience as personal injury lawyers, and almost a hundred personal injury trials on both sides (as plaintiff and defense counsel), we thought some value added guidance might be appropriate for those of you seeking a personal injury lawyer, accident lawyer, or injury lawyer. Follow our suggestions and you may likely find a much more comforting relationship with the right personal injury lawyer, accident lawyer, or injury lawyer for you. (Of course, this isn’t legal advice, we don’t represent you, and no attorney client relationship is created by your reading or using this information.)

Accident lawyers, injury attorneys, and medical malpractice law firms compete for you.

Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference in your interview and evaluation process of personal injury lawyers and accident attorneys. Car accidents, medical malpractice incidents, slip and fall injuries, and the like carry with them emotional as well as physical injury. Your selection of a personal injury lawyer will have a lot to do with the emotional aspects of your injury and, if you are wise, you will find the right injury attorney you can “connect with”. A personal meeting is crucial. You can also check the accident lawyer’s Martindale rating for ethics and competence. In addition, you might want to carry this page into the initial consultation with you. Remember, if you have a meritorious claim there are many personal injury lawyers competing for your business.

You are interviewing the injury lawyer and hoping to find the right lawyer for yourself personally. Consider asking the following questions as you interview personal injury lawyers, accident lawyers, car accident attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys, or others.


Ten Questions For Your Personal Injury Lawyer or Accident Attorney:

  1. If I have to pay more if we go to trial, do I pay less if we settle before suit?
  2. Are you going to handle my medical insurance and medical payments coverage under policies without charge?
  3. If there are any liens on the settlement like worker’s compensation and medical bill debt, are you going to attempt to negotiate these down and not charge a fee for the service?
  4. Will you personally conduct depositions and try my case?
  5. Do you have any background with this insurance company, insurance agent, judge, opposing party, or defense attorney that could influence the resolution of my case?
  6. What is the time limit (statute of limitations) for filing a lawsuit?
  7. Can you provide me with references, including at least one client who got no recovery at all?
  8. What percentage of your practice is personal injury?
  9. What percentage of cases do you settle prior to litigation, during litigation, and during trial, and what percentage go to a jury decision?
  10. Do you include the handling of appeals in the contingency fee?


Some final points are in order.

  • Focus on quality, comfort and the personal relationship; not just the fee the accident attorney quotes.
  • Expect to get a wide range of responses to these questions, and think about the answers. For instance, it is not uncommon for personal injury lawyers to lose cases. You want an accident lawyer who is willing to go to the mat. You don’t necessarily want one that settles every case for whatever he/she can get.
  • Expect that a client who has lost a case to be less than pleased with the injury lawyer…this is common.
  • You may find that it is common for the accident lawyer to have the ability to terminate his representation at any time, which means an appeal may not be included in the personal injury lawyer’s services.
  • Practices vary throughout the US, so get a feel for common practices in your locality. By no means should you rely solely on the answers to these questions and your research into personal injury lawyers.
  • Oftentimes the best match for a client is the personal injury lawyer you have a positive “gut feeling” about, particularly if you have good instincts.
  • And, of course, get a copy of the proposed accident attorney retainer agreement, go through it, make sure your understanding is accurately reflected in the terms of the agreement, and ask your injury lawyer questions if you are not positive about the language.
  • Remember that you are making a major financial decision, and you should selecting your personal injury lawyer or accident attorney as such.


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