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Internet Law – Athlete Lawyer

We represent businesses with Internet law issues, but we also represent law firms, physicians, and other professionals from high profile DJs and rock musicians to pro athletes.

We have been on both sides of internet disputes with everyone from professional golfers to poker players, from the NCAA to professional sports teams. Issues that are not necessarily appreciated fully by lawyers, agents, and executives can be central to protecting an athlete’s name and securing revenue from sources never previously monetized. Let’s consider some questions that regularly arise:

Professional Athlete Lawyer

  • Do you really understand the value of your domain name? And do you fully appreciate that it can often be recovered from a third party?
  • Have you fully explored in a quality way how to create a presence on the Internet, generate significant e-commerce based revenue, and keep others from using your name to attract traffic to another site you don’t own?
  • How often have you been told what you are really giving away in an endorsement deal when you agree to certain provisions? Do you know that you can lose all rights to commercialize your name and likeness on the web by agreeing to broad terms that don’t even mention internet or e-commerce revenue?
  • Do you or your representatives monitor the web for problems? Do you even know if someone has stolen your identity by setting up a profile with your name on a social networking site, or if someone has listed you on a dating site?

Take a look through our site. You’ll see great examples of problems, many of which could be happening to you…harming your name and reputation and taking money out of your pocket.

We work with your lawyer, agent, representative or yourself to make sure your contracts are airtight, the latest technologies are considered in your deal making, your brand is being protected, and you’re getting the revenue you deserve. Contact a Cybertriallawyer.com professional athlete lawyer today to find out what we can do for you. If you like what you hear, and we think we can help, we’ll join your team as an Internet athlete lawyer and work hard to protect you for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Athlete Lawyer: Consultation

Our Internet athlete lawyers stand ready to represent athletes and their representatives, agents, business managers, and attorneys. Contact an Internet athlete lawyer today at 877-849-0174.

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