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Contract Drafting Negotiation

Our contract drafting  negotiation lawyers have negotiated and drafted over 500 internet and e-commerce contracts, ranging from a 125 page complex e-commerce outsourcing deal with a Fortune 100 company to standard web hosting and web development agreements. We have been there, and done it. Our lawyers have tried over 1,000 cases on contracts since 1981, many of which involved the interpretation and enforcement of contract provisions. We know what you need, and what you need to look out for, in deals.

Article by Internet Law Pioneer John Dozier:

Download PDF FileWeb Hosting: Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst

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Almost every matter we handle involves contract interpretation. Employment contracts, web development contracts, non-disclosure agreements, assignments of intellectual property…it is interesting that if we are not negotiating and drafting a contract, we are trying to interpret one. But, that is what makes our service so unique. We are online law experts, and contracts play an important role in virtually everything we do. Here are some of the contract matters we have worked on, analyzed, drafted, or recently negotiated:

  • Application Service Provider contract for providing remote hosting of complex applications.
  • Web and application hosting contract for an ISP.
  • Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) contract for sales agents of Internet content company.
  • Spyware license agreement.
  • Web development agreement for web developer.
  • Affiliate marketing agreement governing the conduct of those participating in our client’s affiliate marketing program.
  • Lead acquisition contract for our broker of commercial email generated leads to buy and sell leads without risk of violating spam laws.
  • Purchase contract for the acquisition of an application service provider and related web hosting companies.
  • Advertising and services contract and multi-party transaction for organic search engine.
  • Record label contracts with artists, distributors, label, producers and consumers for online music downloads.
  • Lead brokerage forward flow contract and reseller agreement for buying and selling leads.
  • Website purchase agreement and related consulting contract with founder of company being bought.
  • Music licensing distribution agreements to permit sale of music online through our client’s website.
  • Email mailing list acquisition agreement to allow our client to safely purchase email addresses.
  • Application programming interface (API) software licensing agreement for a European client operating in the US.
  • Mortgage lead broker agreement to facilitate the safe and low risk purchase and sale of leads to avoid CANSPAM liability.
  • Anti-spyware company end-user license agreement defining the terms used in the reporting function to avoid defamation claims.
  • Domain name purchase agreement, escrow agreement, license agreement, and lease agreement for domain name transactions.
  • Business opportunity contracts and related business structuring to comply with state and federal civil and criminal statutes.
  • Inventory warehousing and product delivery contract managing and fulfilling web based orders.
  • Email mailing list acquisition agreement with a European based seller.
  • Affiliate marketing agreement drafted to the benefit of the merchant.
  • Affiliate marketing, web hosting and web development agreement for a retailer hosting affiliate’s websites.
  • Non-compete, assignment of inventions and disclosures, assignment of IP, and related employment contract for Internet start-up.

If you need a transaction consummated, and a knowledgeable source to identify industry standards, methods of valuation and pricing structures, and negotiation of a deal with all of the fine points addressed and resolved, then we may be the firm for you. We have answers to questions most attorneys do not know to ask. It helps, of course, that the Internet is all we do!!

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