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Copyright Infringement On The Internet

Internet copyright infringement takes many forms. For musicians, end users are using Bit Torrent websites to illegally copy and share copyright protected songs. For photographers, people are using other peoples images found through Google image search as though no copyright existed at all.  In many instances, attribution isn’t being provided. In the blogosphere, people are taking complete versions of blog posts and website articles and reposting them on their own blogs and websites. You Tube videos are being uploaded which substantially incorporate copyright protected songs, images, and videos.

If you are a copyright owner looking for a copyright infringement or online infringement attorney, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is your best friend. The DMCA allows you to send a takedown notice to any third party website posting user generated or third party content in order to have your copyright protected works quickly removed fro that website, blog, social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or any other web based page. A good DMCA attorney can help you understand how to get through the DMCA Copyright Takedown process. Feel free to contact one of our Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown lawyers for more information.