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Internet Law Copyright Law Firm

Let Them Know You Are Serious About Protecting Your Site!

Get the “Traverse Legal Copyright Law Firm Warning Button” for your site today!

You worked hard developing your site, creating content, and testing what really works. While you labor over your craft or business, and strive to make your online presence a superior experience and a success, something else is happening. People are plotting, coming to your site, looking it over, and stealing your images, text, content, formatting, and code. These crooks see you as an easy mark.

Now, though, you can send a message that you are not an easy mark for theft. You know your rights! And you are serious about protecting your property. With the Traverse Legal Internet Law Firm Copyright Infringement Warning Button you tell the world to lay off “borrowing” from your site, or the consequences can be severe! Just give those thieves a little motivation to look elsewhere for an easier mark. Because it is obvious you know your rights and care about your creative works. And, if infringement occurs, you have ready access to a leader in the fight to protect online business from the scofflaws of the web…a top rated and preeminent copyright law firm … CyberTrialLawyer.com Internet Law.

It’s easy to begin receiving the security and power of the Traverse Legal Copyright Law Firm Infringement Warning Button!!

1) Just read and agree to abide by our Internet Law copyright law firm user agreement.

2) Upload this image to your server in the same folder where the document with the corresponding warning code will reside:

Internet Law, P.C. Warning

3) Paste this code into the HTML of your site, and that’s it:

<a href=”http://www.cybertriallawyer.com/copyright-infringement-warning/”><img src=”http://cybertriallawyer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/CTL_copyright_btn.gif” alt=”" width=”188″ height=”43″ border=”0″ /></a>

The warning button has a link to the Traverse Legal Internet Law Copyright Infringement Warning Page that explains the law and penalties for copyright infringement! And best of all, this is absolutely FREE for use on your site! Let everyone know that you are serious about protecting your rights, when you suspect a possible copyright infringement, contact our copyright law firm  for a Copyright Infringement Assessment.

Think about it. Why not protect your property? At least let the bad guys know that if they are looking to rip off a site, try another one. Or maybe, if they click on your button and follow the link, they will be “scared straight”. Prominent display of the warning button sends the right message…that you worked way too hard on your creatives to let someone come and take them! CyberTrialLawyer.com Internet Law Copyright Law Firm … protecting the business of the web!

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