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As a domain name attorney, we don’t just handle domain name disputes…but all of the issues a domain name holder faces in the course of business. Who should you consider assisting as a domain name dispute attorney?

  • Small domain name owners doing it on the side
  • High volume owners monetizing domains as a core business
  • Domain Name Registrars
  • Registries
  • Special interest groups
  • Foreign countries

Our clients retain us as domain name attorneys when they need a domain name attorney to assist them in sales and transactions, due diligence, trademark clearance, acquisition strategies and tactics, enforcement and defense of claims, legislative consulting, litigation, litigation avoidance and risk analysis, and a broad array of related services requiring a high degree of knowledge, expertise, and experience as a domain name attorney. Much of our work is confidential in nature, but a sampling of some of our publicly available UDRP decisions provides some insight into the quality of the work we do as domain name attorneys. We represent both sides of the disputes:

National Arbitration Forum UDRP Decisions.

UDRP Cybersquatting Decisons

WIPO UDRP Arbitration Decisions.

Cybersquatting, Domain Name Dispute Attorney & Domain Name Attorneys

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Article by Internet Law Pioneer John Dozier Download PDF  FileProtecting Your Asset: Get Your .com and Addresses That Are Similar

Article by Internet Law Pioneer John Dozier Download PDF  FileDomain Name Dynamics: Your Domain is at Risk in Today’s Environment

Download Article by Internet Law Pioneer John Dozier Adobe Reader to view the PDFs.

View Cybertriallawyer.com’s blog entries on recent developments in the law of domain names:

Want to see our take on the most important Federal lawsuits dealing with domain names filed last week? We monitor the country daily and offer our thoughts about each. Just read on down to the bottom of this page and find out what practices are leading to lawsuits!

Domain Name Dispute Attorney

Also, consider the following:

  • Our client was sued for use of a competing company’s domain name in Federal Court in California.
  • A competitor sued our client for domain name theft in Federal Court in Florida.
  • Handled one of the largest cybersquatting ACPA cases in US Court history.
  • A registrar made a major mistake and released a domain name for public sale.
  • We filed a UDRP arbitration proceeding against a well known Caribbean domain name cybersquatter after negotiations for purchase failed.
  • domain name theft. cease and desist and demand letters.
  • domain name attorney by a client to negotiate the purchase of a domain name.
  • Our client had won domain dispute (UDRP) proceedings, but needed assistance in the transfer of the names after significant delays in modifying records of ownership at the registrar.
  • We structured a strategy to gain possession of the name for a client.
  • A competitor secured a domain name in the name of our client’s business, and used it in a high speed redirect to direct traffic from client’s business to the competitor website.
  • Cybersquatters were using our client’s business name to present Adsense ads through Google for related, but not competing, products.
  • Domain names protected by trademark in foreign countries, but not protected in the US.
  • Lawsuits in federal court and state court filed against our clients for cybersquatting
  • Client’s name was used by a competitor embedded as only part of its domain name.
  • A law firm issued a DMCA takedown notice for copyright infringement based upon our client’s ownership of a website.
  • A company demanded that our client, a major domain name owner, transfer a high value and very common, generic, and every day word based upon a trademark registration.
  • A business owner filed a UDRP arbitration proceeding in an attempt to obtain domain names without trademark rights.
  • A well financed company attempted to extend his trademark to our client’s business and filed a UDRP proceeding in an attempt to obtain several domain names.
  • Our reseller client had built up a significant business using the manufacturer’s name, and when new owners took over the manufacturer demand was made for the domain name.
  • A web developer working with our client tried to hijack a valuable domain name by registering it inteh web developer company name.
  • A busienss initiated a UDRP complaint against our client over an industry domain name.
  • Our client bought a valuable domain name, and the “owner” then claimed that it had been stolen from him in an apparent scam to steal our client’s money.
  • Our online gaming client pursued two competing sites through the UDRP process for using its own name in their domain names to lure traffic away from our client.
  • A company demanded transfer of a domain name being used by our client asserting that our client’s business had begun competing and causing consumer confusion.
  • A software company demanded transfer of a domain name in which it held a trademark and our client retained us to negotiate a sale and evaluate the strength of the company’s claim.
  • We were retained to negotiate and close a sale of a high value domain name, including developing strategic and tactical approach.
  • A large company demanded that our client turn over its domain name for cybersquatting, and our domain name lawyers undertook negotiations for the sale of the name.
  • Our client’s competitor chose a confusingly similar name and started sending out emails selling our client’s products and services.
  • A business demanded that our client deliver to it domain names containing its name, but defended under the fair use doctrine.
  • A disgruntled former employee bought up domain names similar to our client and launched an attack website.
  • A person acquired domain names of our client and launched a site claiming ownership of our client’s trademark.
  • Our domain name client retained us to assist it in acquiring a registrar license.
  • An e-retailer sold its domain name and site to a start-up and we were asked to assist in the domain name and website transfer.
  • A former business partner of our client, still in control of our client’s business domain name, changed the ownership information of the domain name, and pointed the IP address away from our client’s business.
  • Our client, a large UK domain name player, received a trademark claim under EU law.
  • An online business had close variations of its domain name purchased by a competitor and used to direct traffic to the competing website.
  • A client retained us to secure domain name rights and ownership of terms he had coined.
  • Through either client or registrar error, our client’s extremely valuable domain name was not renewed in a timely manner and was acquired by a large company.
  • Our SEO client had its login stolen by a business and a valuable domain name taken.
  • A high volume owner is seeking to monetize its domain name inventory and needed legal clearance on scope and extent of permissible use.
  • A company claimed rightful ownership of a domain name owned by our client that included the casino name.
  • A valuable domain name had been taken from a registrar account, transferred to Europe, and then purchased by an individual outside the United States.
  • Our client needed our assistance in negotiating a domain name sale with a major company.
  • A company retained us to protect itself from domain name cybersquatters in China.
  • An increasingly popular retailer needed to acquire its .com domain name from an existing owner.
  • Our client was sued in the US for cybersquatting based upon activity that occurred prior to its acquisition of the domain name.
  • A new business’ .com domain name extension was owned by a competitor and was likely to be used to direct traffic away from our client.
  • A domain name owner involved in leasing domain names needed to collect on outstanding sums due under a lease.
  • Our client’s valuable domain name was stolen from his account at a registrar and we were hired to get it back.
  • A very large domain name holder was sued by a company because a portfolio of domain names it acquired included the name of the company.
  • An ex-partner of our client sued him in California alleging theft of a domain name and related business.
  • A small domain name holder acquired domain names for a merging company and the company, post merger, demanded the transfer of the name.
  • A domain name registrar hired us to assist them in structuring internal legal procedures in order to comply with the registrar contract and laws.
  • Arbitration was filed against our client alleging he was required to transfer a domain name to the other party in accordance with a previous negotiated agreement.
  • A major domain name owner was the recipient of a UDRP complaint attempting to obtain a valuable domain name.
  • The former web developer for our client purchased domain names containing our client’s registered trademarks and resolved the names to a competing website.
  • Popular social networking sites need to avoid any problems with their domain names, so when an important domain name stopped resolving to the social network site.
  • Our client’s web developer absconded with its domain names and tried to hold them hostage and extort money from our client.

Think about it. We are domain name attorneys. We are litigators. As domain name attorneys and internet lawyers, we sue people. We defend people as a domain name attorney. The Internet is what we do. So, when you get a letter from us and visit our website, what impression is left in your mind? Is our client serious? That gets results, without having to file domain name dispute lawsuits and arbitration actions all the time. Do you want a top rated, pre-eminent domain name attorney backed by a team of seasoned domain name attorneys on your case? Do you need a domain attorney who is a specialist in the law of the web? We are here if you are interested in getting a domain name and want to do it as efficiently as possible, and we are here when you want to hold onto a domain name, work out a purchase or sale, or put together an overall strategy to avoid domain name theft and domain disputes.

Domain name attorneys & domain name attorney.

Domain Name Attorney Suit Summary

Set forth below is one of our summaries of a United States District Court federal lawsuit. Please understand that all facts, as well as references to the basis of the lawsuit, are our summation of the allegations made by the party bringing the lawsuit. The facts may prove to be true or not true, and the plaintiff may or may not win the case. The bolded comments are Cybertriallawyer.com’s thoughts about the suit. Pay particular attention to the alleged conduct or practice that has resulted in the litigation. For a small business, litigation is expensive. As a domain name attorney law firm, we are hired to file and defend suits nationwide, and we can also assist you in minimizing your risk in advance.

The Weather Underground, Inc. v. Navigation Catalyst & Connexus Corp. Eastern District of Michigan

Foreword Magazine v. OverDrive, Inc. Western District of Michigan

Real Resorts v. Vacation Store of Miami Central District of Florida

J2 Global v. Internet Affiliate Marketer, Central District, California.

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