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Domain Name Lawyer For Web Business

Cybertriallawyer.com represents businesses and domain name owners conducting commerce on the web. While we often handle individual domain name issues for business clients, our primary focus as a domain name lawyer centers upon a much broader involvement in the domain name industry, from assisting clients with the formation of registrant status to providing legal guidance and clearance on domain name use. As a domain name lawyer we also evaluate portfolios, assist in risk assessment and evaluation, recover domain names lost through registrar error and theft, advise on the establishment of trademark rights and undertake the prosecution and defense of infringement and cybersquatting claims. If you are serious about the domain name industry, and seek assistance with developing strategies, practices, and procedures for acquisition, protection, and the full exploitation and monetization of your assets, you need a high quality domain name lawyer.

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Article by Internet Law Pioneer John Dozier:

Download PDF FileDomain Name Dynamics: Your Domain is at Risk in Today’s Environment

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Cybertriallawyer.com is proud of our heritage as technologists and lawyers. We live the business side of domain name ownership every day. Your domain name lawyer needs the practical and legal experience to bring solutions to the table and guide you as a trusted business resource. Learn more, review case decisions, get a feel for the many disputes for which a Cybertriallawyer.com lawyer is engaged as a domain name lawyer, and review Cybertriallawyer.com’s articles at the domain lawyer section of our website.

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