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Domain Name Lawyers & Domain Lawyers

Registrars and domain name owners need great lawyers who know the business side of the industry. Our domain name lawyers have been handling domain name issues for years, and we have extensive knowledge and experience on a broad range of e-commerce issues. You need domain name lawyers who knows the landscape without undertaking a mass, and expensive, exploration of the complex domain name system, domain lawyers who can quickly conduct a risk/reward analysis, and domain name lawyers who know the industry on a first name basis. That’s where we come in.

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Domain Name Attorneys & Domain Attorneys

If you are a registrar, or seeking to become a registrar, we assist you in the registration and renewal process, tell you what you can and cannot do, draft the proper contracts, deal with problems that naturally arise in the course of registering, transferring and cancelling domains, resolve registry issues, and help you navigate the increasingly complex business requirements. From new privacy laws in the EU, to new data retention laws in the US, from evolving registration requirements at ICANN, to anticipated restriction on domain name tasting, our job as domain name lawyers is to keep you informed and out of trouble.

Registries need great lawyers too! Some of the new challenges facing the domain name system and ICANN impact on your business. As some influential registries exert influence over laws and policies to protect themselves, other registries are not at the table and are being placed at a disadvantage. The days of simply accrediting everyone who applies and taking a “hands off” approach to a registrant’s business conduct are quickly coming to an end. There will be new policies undertaken, laws passed, and lawsuits filed…all attempting to increase a registry’s responsibility and culpability for registrar misfeasance. Our domain name lawyers deal with ICANN, registries and registrars, as well as owners and complainants. Contact us today and learn what our domain name lawyers can do for you.

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Interested in seeing our decisions? Our client case listing? Cybertriallawyer.com’s articles on domain names? Just go to our main domain name disputes page. And remember that you can call us at 877-849-0174. Please visit our contact page for more information.

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