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Our Internet Lawyers Appear Nationwide

If you are a qualified business or a professional and seeking help with an internet law legal matter, we have internet law specialists who are  seasoned, experienced and expert legal counsel in internet law, website and litigation matters. We have offices in Michigan, California, Texas, Washington DC and practice pro hac vice in states such as New York, Florida, Virginia, Utah and many other states.

If you need an internet law lawyers who handles internet contracts, advertising agreements, intellectual property licensing agreements, privacy policies, data security agreements or other “transactional” type work, our lawyers and legal staff can help. For a startup, some of the things you need to be thinking about are website contracts, trademark selection and protection, copyright protection, affiliate agreements, email/spam regulations, Federal Trade Commission advertising compliance, website content approval, web development and hosting agreements, non-disclosure agreements and employment contracts, and operational and compliance guidelines for maintaining immunity for the content of third party submissions.

Traverse Internet Law Consultation

We are a business, transactional and litigation law firm. This means that we often assist clients in pre-lawsuit disputes since many times legal disputes are resolved without litigation. We also file and defend lawsuits nationwide. At Traverse Internet Law, much of what we do is assist clients in the online advertising industry with trademark and copyright disputes. And we also assist business clients when their reputation or business is attacked online.

Our clients include brick and mortar companies with problems arising on the Internet, Internet companies, website start-ups or technology businesses of all sizes with an Internet problem … copyright infringement, trademark infringement, internet defamation, hacking,software trade secret law, non-compete issues and the like.

Traverse Internet Law Consultation

Please contact us if you are a qualified business or professional. To contact us, call the number above or go to our Internet Attorney contact page for our full contact information.

If you are seeking contract help, start-up assistance, or transactional legal advice and guidance give us a call. Our attorneys and staff will tell you what we can do and what it will cost, up front.

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