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Can-Spam Compliance Commercial Email Lawyer

As a mailer, you have a tough road to navigate. You can read about our experience in the recently released “Google Bomb” book. And you can read a review here: DefamationLawBlog.com. While proper and legal commercial e-mail is simply a business tool used by most of the top online and offline businesses today, there still is the perception that all such mail is “spam”. Of course, nothing is further from the truth. But the last place you want to find yourself is in court against AOL in Virginia, Microsoft in Washington State, or a small ISP somewhere you have never even heard of. As a commercial email lawyer, we offer extensive can-spam compliance legal audits. From a commercial email lawyer firm that has defended companies sued by the big three ISPs in the US.

Commercial Email Lawyer Specialist

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Can-spam compliance is important. So is, of course, compliance with state laws under which many lawsuits are brought today. As a commercial email lawyer, Cybertriallawyer.com understands the industry and its nuances. This expertise was developed in great part by defending in Federal Court many businesses and individuals accused of spamming, conspiring to send spam, or aiding an enterprise. Can you envision spending two days in depositions in one case listening to the inner workings of one of the largest spam organizations in the world? How about spending weeks going through every e-mail and document generated by a group of ten defendants all working together? And what about the experience we have of going through debate after debate with AOL and Microsoft lawyers about the meaning of certain key phrases in the law? Can-spam compliance is important, but is only part of the goal in complying with all of the laws. Cybertriallawyer.com commercial email lawyers can tell you how to leverage the benefits of commercial email from strategy, to tactics, to execution…legally.

This isn’t the kind of experience you pick up by reading about spam laws and writing some contracts! But, if you are looking for help in trying to hide your spam activities, we are not the commercial email lawyer for you. We set up legitimate commercial e-mail programs for our clients that are centered upon Can-Spam compliance. Knowing when the line is crossed from a legal standpoint is a key ingredient in the success of your commercial email program. The process involves a careful balancing act between risk and reward, and therefore the approach we take as a spam lawyer and commercial email lawyer specialist is customized to fit your needs taking into consideration both business and legal issues.

Commercial Email Lawyer & Can-Spam Compliance

In closing, while we do not assist those attempting to circumvent the laws with structuring mail programs, as a commercial email lawyer we encourage you to call us if you receive a demand letter for damages, a lawsuit, or a criminal indictment. We have likely handled more Can-spam compliance defense cases than any firm in the country, and everyone is entitled to the best defense they can get.

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