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Our value equation at Internet entertainment lawyers is simple. We’re Internet lawyers serving the entertainment industry, and entertainment lawyers focused exclusively on the Internet industry. We’ve merged entertainment lawyers into our Internet law practice, primarily because there is a growing demand for entertainment industry legal advice that has more to do with the web than with entertainment. “New Media” is business centered upon emerging electronic communications, the Internet, and the World Wide Web. Our expertise lies in understanding the newest of New Media…online commerce. If you are searching for an entertainment lawyer, we may be the right firm for you.

Traditional entertainment lawyers draft contracts, form corporate and business entities, and file copyright and trademark registrations. But the issues involved in making your business an online success, in the world of the Internet, are quite different from what traditional entertainment lawyer services address. Just look at the struggles of the entertainment industry to monetize its assets and deliver its offerings online. Look around and you quickly recognize that content is being distributed electronically at an ever increasing pace, and that the disruptive technology of the web is, in fact, now disrupting traditional entertainment businesses. If you need the same advice you were looking for twenty years ago from an entertainment lawyer, we aren’t the firm for you. While your content may be videos, images, or words, and existing entertainment lawyers may be adept at protecting your content, as new media entertainment lawyers WE PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS.

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As an Internet entertainment lawyer, we only work in the Internet world. Our clients are in almost every category of business goods and services sold on the web. The issues we face daily are the same issues you will face on the web. But the laws of the online world are not the laws of the entertainment world. And an entertainment lawyer of yesterday is not a new media entertainment lawyer of today. As you are going down the path of developing strategies and tactics to leverage and exploit your assets, you need legal expertise in the online world. We know the answers to questions most attorneys don’t know to ask.

  • What are other industries doing today?
  • What business models are experiencing the biggest returns?
  • What tactical and strategic partnerships are working the best?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid today?
  • How do you structure a deal today to work as intended when the next generation online business model emerges next year?

We aren’t business consultants, but we identify issues that generate ideas for you. That means you will have more, and better, opportunities for commercial exploitation of your content. And that means you’ll be better positioned to preserve your business in a rapidly evolving environment.

When the time comes to get serious, give our entertainment lawyers a call. We’ll identify areas we can be of particular value. We don’t want your entertainment lawyer business. Just your Internet legal business. And since we live and breathe the law and business of the Internet every day, all day long, we know the difference!

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