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Internet Criminal Lawyer

Your business often has no idea that you are a criminal target until the FBI or a local law enforcement agency shows up to seize your computers. As an Internet criminal lawyer, we can assist you. Unlike your typical Internet criminal lawyer, our strategy is either to move first, cooperate, and bring a solution to the table, or fight aggressively. When the time comes to fight, we have tried hundreds of criminal trials over the years.

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Article by Internet Law Pioneer John Dozier:

Download PDF FileYour eCommerce Activities Could be Criminal: Flurry of new laws affect email, site visits, processing payments, more

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Internet Criminal Lawyer: Cybertriallawyer.com

As state and federal laws catch up with cybercrime, and as the resources of the Department of Justice continue to be shifted to cybercrime and intellectual property offenses, what seems to be harmless folly behind closed doors can turn very serious. Sometimes they have the wrong guy, and sometimes they have no case. Whatever the situation, a rapid and knowledgeable response is often the key to a favorable resolution. Consider the scope of these issues in some of our Internet criminal lawyer cases:

      • Our client was arrested for online credit card fraud after his IP address was tracked (incorrectly) to the transaction.
      • State securities and franchising laws were applied to a client selling business opportunities and criminal charges were initiated.
      • Our client was charged with a violation of the hacking laws for accessing an email account owned by another party.
      • After an international investigation and coordinated raids, indictments were issued for criminal copyright infringement.
      • Hacking into university databases “for the fun of it” resulted in federal indictment under the federal hacking law known as the “Computer Fraud and Abuse Act”.
      • Delivering and receiving copyright-protected computer programs through an online file sharing service in violation of the criminal copyright laws resulted in criminal charges.
      • Distributing copies of copyright-protected software programs in violation of the criminal copyright laws.
      • Hacking into a computer in violation of the state computer crime statute.
      • Theft of a business customer list led to an investigation of our client for conspiracy to transport stolen property over state lines.
      • Our clients’ operation of an alleged spamming operation was raided by the FBI.
      • Seizure by the FBI of our client’s computers for alleged CAN-SPAM violations.
      • Local police swept into our client’s offices with a search warrant due to an international online transaction that went bad and appeared to be solely a civil matter.
      • Nevada police showed up at our client’s bank with search warrants involving an investigation of allegedly fraudulent online transactions.
      • The FBI undertook an intensive interview with our client concerning the potential illegal transactions touching upon his business.
      • Local New Jersey police visited our client inquiring about an alleged fraudulent transaction involving the sale of a website.

Clients seek our opinion as Internet criminal lawyers often on the criminal implications of sending spam, running a gambling website, selling business opportunities, operating an online drug sales site and related advertising, copying software, visiting someone else’s computer, using spidering technology to harvest information, complying with mandated child protection notices, and many other issues. Understanding the difference between what a law technically says and the enforcement history and practices of law enforcement is a critical requirement for truly assessing risk. Every business on the web today needs to make sure it knows the law because more and more criminal investigations and indictments are targeting business practices.

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We offer a consultation to those with business interests that are seeking an expert Internet criminal lawyer. Just go to our contact page for more information.

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