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An internet lawyer is an attorney who not only understands the special internet laws that have bee passed by various states,  but also under federal law which govern all of the United States.  Internet lawyers also need to understand how the internet works, how to read software code, and how various pieces of the internet work.  For instance, the domain name system is a specialized technical piece of the internet run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  Understanding domain name issues and the DNS is critical if you have a cybersquatting, online trademark infringement or related matter.  Internet attorneys will be able to help you understand both the legal and technical sides of your issue, identify strategy options for your legal matter and provide legal recommendations about what to do next.

Risk evaluation and legal compliance are essential for online businesses. As Internet lawyers, we deal with the law of the web exclusively. To gain some insight into the scope of legal issues each of our Internet lawyers must address constantly, we have provided this high level outline of issues that can put an Internet business, or any business for that matter, at risk. This is not intended to be a complete description of the Legal Compliance Audit our Internet lawyers, working with an Internet law specialist, perform for businesses dealing with US compliance. Each of these issues may branch off into other issues. For instance, our reference to “affiliate agreement” does not mention establishing business policies to enforce the terms, implementing due diligence in the process of approving affiliates, or the risks associated with various tools available, etc.

E-commerce and Website Legal Compliance Audit

A. Business Name/Domain Name?

(Evaluation by our Internet Lawyers)

  • Is the name protectable?
  • Is the name available?
  • Is the name one that someone already has interests or rights in?
  • Are there are any marks involved that need to be registered at the state, federal or international level?

B. Web Development

(Evaluation by our subject matter Internet Law Specialist)

  • Understanding the Process
  • Understanding Deliverables
  • Understanding Change Orders
  • Understanding Pricing
  • Understanding Who Owns the Website
  • ADA Compliance

C. Web Hosting

(Evaluation by our Internet Lawyers)

  • Understanding Data Security
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Do you have access to all of the information for marketing purposes?
  • Does the web hosting contract or the web host’s Terms of Use limit your ability to do business?
  • Are there adequate provisions for changes or transfer of the site?
  • Are there adequate uptime guaranties?
  • Is the site on a separate IP address so there are no problems with other sites’ misconduct on that same IP address affecting your business?

D. Website

(Evaluation by our Internet Law Specialist)

  • Is your business legal?
  • If credit cards are involved, is your business complying with recurring disclosure requirements?
  • Is there any false or misleading advertising?
  • Are you handling personally identifiable information securely?
  • Do you have a registered agent under the DMCA?
  • Are you going to register copyrights for your creative works?
  • Do you have the rights to use the images on your site?

E. Operations

(Evaluation by our Internet Lawyers)

  • Are you prepared to defend against the “Big Four” claims?
  • Defamation
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Privacy Issues

F. Contracts

(Evaluation by our Internet Law Specialist)

  • User Agreement
  • Privacy Policy
  • Affiliate Agreement
  • SEO Contract
  • Federal Compliance

Internet Lawyers and Internet Law Specialist?

As a client, searching for an attorney who has already handled a similar matter to yours, you need to interview a variety of internet attorneys and find an internet lawyer who you believe is compatible not only with your particular legal matter, but with your personality as well.  Sometimes, choosing the correct internet lawyer is more about finding an attorney who you can easily work with, than it is anything else.  You be the judge whether you need an Internet law specialist. If you think you might, just contact us, and find out about the knowledge and expertise of our Internet Lawyers.

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