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Municipal Lawyer & Government Lawyer

From policy to practice, our experience as a municipal lawyer runs deep in government representation. From criminal prosecution (and of course defense) to lobbying and policy work at the local, state and federal levels, from representing state agencies as special plaintiff’s counsel to defending quasi-governmental agencies, and from negotiating technology agreements with governmental agencies to consulting on the development of some of the first municipal e-commerce applications, we’ve been there as a municipal lawyer and government lawyer.

Municipal Lawyer Internet Law Experts

Local city and county attorneys retain us as a municipal lawyer or government lawyer to assist with technology deals, prosecutors can hire us to counteract expert level defense counsel and their experts, and local governments retain us to investigate, evaluate, and resolve technology related liabilities. As the world becomes smaller, international issues arise, and when governments from around the world struggle with regulating the net, we bring a holistic knowledge base of policy, practice and expertise to the table as a municipal lawyer and government lawyer. Not just legal knowledge; knowledge of the business and technology of the web.

Municipal Law & Government Law

If you are looking for help with a project, or counsel to head up an initiative, prosecute or an expert Internet municipal lawyer to defend a matter, negotiate a settlement, or simply act in a support and advisory role, we are here. We have experience and expertise to solve the problems that other attorneys often times don’t know exist. Talk to us, and you’ll see the value equation immediately.

Consultation with a Municipal Lawyer

If you are a municipality or government and wish to set up a consultation with one of our top rated municipal lawyers, visit our contact page or call us for a phone consultation at 877-849-0174.

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