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Search engine optimizers are everywhere. It’s hard to even define what is included in this industry. But, no matter what technique is used, the goal is to drive quality traffic to a site and, in some instance, defend a businesses reputation. This could involved SEO, SEM, or reputation management services, but they all center upon influencing SERPS (search engine result pages). How do you compete when many SEOs are operating as “black hat” businesses using less than legal techniques? There is no magic solution. You cannot get rid of risk by incorporating in Nevada or South America, “outsourcing” improper strategies and tactics to someone in a Russian province, or trying to hide the ball in some other way. As an SEO lawyer, we don’t represent companies trying to find a better way to break US laws without getting caught. As an SEO attorney, we work with companies to understand what cannot, and what CAN, be done. We help identify illegal or improper techniques used by competitors either directly against you or for the direct benefit of a prospective client who has no idea its contractor is misbehaving. As an SEO lawyer, we evaluate your ideas on how to get better results from a legal perspective, and work to find solutions around problems that other attorneys probably don’t come up with because, perhaps, they are not SEO lawyer specialists.

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Instead of telling you that you cannot use someone else’s trademark in website tags or content, as an SEO attorney we can explain how you can use it legitimately. Instead of using a contract that might overstate your results, as an SEO lawyer we can help you draft agreements that will minimize the ability of unreasonable clients to get their money back (unless you want to offer a money back guarantee). We even review your websites to make sure that your advertising to prospective SEO clients is legal.

Many of the articles and pages on our website touch upon various aspects of typical SEO services. Take a look around, and if you are looking to pursue ethical and legal SEO techniques, but want to understand clearly where the line is drawn, you may want to contact us because you will need an expert SEO lawyer or SEO attorney. The SEOs that get it right, get as close to this line as possible without crossing over to unethical or illegal conduct, are the SEOs that will thrive, and as an SEO lawyer our job is to help you see the line clearly.

SEO Attorney and SEO Attorneys

If you are an SEO company and in need of legal assistance, visit our contact page, or call us at 877-849-0174.

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