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Do you want to acquire, license, or use domain names to drive traffic? We represent some of the largest domain name holders in the world. If you are dabbling in the world of online marketing, you need quality and knowledgeable trademark attorneys.

Trademark Attorneys: Marketing Online

Here is the challenge you face…marketing lawyers are hard to find. Online marketing lawyers are nearly impossible to find. At least good ones. Sure, every lawyer involved in advertising and marketing wants to learn the online world, but on your dime. As broad as our experience is as Internet lawyers, it’s our expertise as a trademark attorney that most often comes into play when we are working on an online marketing issue.

Do you want to engage SEO services? We represent SEO companies, but we also do our own SEO work on our sites, and if you check you will find that we are at the top of the organic search engine results for many key terms. Knowing how to optimize sites without infringing on a business trademark requires an expert Internet trademark attorney. Making sure you execute on your plan to optimize your own business marks also involves legal guidance from Internet trademark attorneys.

Do you want to undertake e-mail marketing? We represent e-mail marketers, have probably defended more spam lawsuits than any other firm in the country, and we know the spam laws, the business of commercial email, and the technology solutions available. And once again there are trademark issues in most of these matters, so our skills as online trademark attorneys are called upon in assessing and evaluating email strategies and tactics.

Those are just three examples of our knowledge base. Online marketing is central to most of the work we do, because most of the misconduct on the web is focused on stealing traffic through one nefarious marketing technique or another. All you have to do is contact us and you’ll get a very good feel for our expertise as a trademark attorney. The difference will be immediately obvious.

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Article by Internet Law Pioneer John Dozier:

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