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Web Developer Lawyer

Not only have we been representing web developers for many years, but many of our attorneys worked in the web development field. We know the industry from the inside out as a web developer lawyer.

Our primary focus when working for web developers is contract based, but the area that we add the most value is in solving the many disputes that arise in the course of running a web development company. And, of course, it all starts with having the right contracts in place. As a web developer lawyer specialist we know life cycle development policies, the difference between a scope document and functional specs, the standard practice for in-line and off-line documentation, and the role unit and acceptance testing should play. We know all about project creep and change controls, and instinctively appreciate the challenges developers face in every project when working with a client without in-house technology or project management personnel. Is your lawyer a web developer lawyer specialist?

Web Developer Lawyer Expert

If you are looking for an expert web developer lawyer who gets it, then take a look at the attorneys with our firm, notice the computer and engineering education backgrounds and experience. We know answers to questions those lawyers at “big” firms don’t even know to ask. Sure, big is good. But smart is better. Particularly when you are in need of a web developer lawyer specialist.

Web Developer Lawyer Consultation

Just go to our contact page or give one of our expert web developer lawyer a call at 866-936-7447.

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