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Web Host Lawyer

We’ve been there before, both as lawyers and technology business owners. As a web host lawyer, we really do know the issues you have in hosting sites from both a technology and legal perspective.

Web Host Lawyer Specialist

In fact, let us describe some of your concerns and you can see for yourself whether we, as web host lawyer specialists, “get it”:

  • You are focused on growing your business but have always wondered whether that user agreement does the job.
  • You read somewhere about a privacy policy being required by law, but aren’t sure what that really means.
  • You keep getting complaints of trademark infringement, copyright infringement, defamation and other problems on the sites you host, and you think you are handling the DMCA notices right to avoid liability, but you aren’t so sure about the trademark or defamation complaints.
  • Lawyers write demanding all kinds of information and threaten you with subpoenas and lawsuits, and you often would like to just ignore them and ship them over to a web host lawyer who will tell them to leave you alone.
  • Everyone is always pointing the finger at you when the client, its web developer, its database developer or someone else is fouling things up.
  • You are signing a lot of vendor contracts and you really wonder what it is you are promising to do and what you are legally assured of getting from your vendor.
  • Some people who are not even clients have spouted out lies about your company on industry boards, you know it is hurting you, but you don’t have a web host lawyer willing and able to explain the facts of life to the people involved.
  • With excess bandwidth capacity you could be generating revenue through non-traditional web hosting like marketing landing pages, leasing space for ip blocks, offering domain name parking, delivering some content based sites providing free email and related services, and so on. But, of course, you want to know the legal risks and get an opinion letter saying you can do it!

Think about it. Instead of your staff being bugged repeatedly by threats and attempted intimidation, instead of having that annoying feeling that maybe you don’t have all your legal issues covered, instead of having to invest the time and your company intellect and emotional well being trying to struggle through a legal issue, isn’t it better to keep positive vibes going and focus everyone’s time and effort on growing your top and bottom lines? The answer is yes. And that is where an expert web host lawyer comes in.

Contact us. Get a feel for the level of expertise Cybertriallawyer.com can deliver as your expert web host lawyer. And imagine a world in which you don’t have to deal with unpleasant legal matters again. Imagine the power of having a Cybertriallawyer.com web host lawyer on your side.

Web Host Lawyer Consultation

Just go to our contact page or give one of our expert web host lawyers a call at 866-936-7447.

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