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Website Agreements-Website Lawyer-Terms of Use-Terms of Service-Privacy Agreements.

Many clients want to know whether or not they should use a website agreement forms service or cut and paste their competitor’s website agreements for use on their site.

Website Lawyer: Too many businesses in launching their website select plain vanilla website agreements. It is always a bad idea to use website agreement forms, whether terms of service, terms of use, privacy agreement or otherwise, since your website agreement is the primary contract between you and all your website visitors, advertisers, sponsors and otherwise. Hiring a good website agreement lawyer is perhaps the most important thing you can do prior to launching your website and making it available to the public. While you may want to take a look at a sample website agreement or a website agreement template to get some ideas, you need more than a good website agreement form, you need a website agreement attorney to customize those agreements to your business model. Your website contract is your first and last line of defense if anyone should want to sue you as a result of visiting your website or using your service.

Articles concerning Internet Law and Website Agreements:  Your website agreements should be customized to your business.  Do not use website agreement forms or templates.

Data Security and Privacy Issues: Congress Acts to Protect Consumers

Download PDF FileWeb Development Contracts. Who Owns Your Website Code?

Download PDF FilePrivacy Policies. Knowledge is Power: Harness Information Legally

Download PDF FileWebsite User Agreements: Balance Risk While Managing Conversion,
Retention and Attrition

Download PDF FileManaging a High-Risk Environment: Are You Responsible for Illegal Postings in Forums or Blogs?

Download PDF FileThe Law of Data and Information Security: Merchants Are Responsible; Possible “Economic Ruin”

Compliance with Disability Laws: Unsettled Law, Conflicting Decisions Dictate Compliance

Download Adobe Reader to view the PDFs.

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Website Agreement Lawyer Expertise

Whether you are launching a website, or need a check up, we offer a thorough website agreement  lawyer audit program. The laws are constantly changing, courts seem to hand out decisions every day that affect a website, and liability claims threatening your business can, and do, arise without warning. Do you know that you are strictly liable for the CAN-SPAM Act violations of your affiliates or vendors? Do you understand how to manage defamation, copyright, trademark, privacy, and indecency issues that arise any time you are allowing third parties to post information on your site? We not only explain the risks and minimize them, but we also assist you with putting into place the policies and practices to manage whatever risks remain most effectively. Our website lawyer audit package is customized to your needs with your input on prioritization.

We know the Web, and we know the business. Want to sleep well at night? Hire the website agreement lawyer responsible for drafting hundreds of website and e-commerce agreements. Hire the website agreement lawyer with extensive e-commerce compliance auditing experience for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. And hire the website agreement lawyer who is litigating the issues that matter most to you on a daily basis. In fact, some of our cases establish the law relating to particular risks you have when doing business online. Let us put our solutions to work for you in the following areas:

  • Third Party Trademark, Copyright, Defamation and Indeceny Issues Relating to Posting on Blogs, Chats, Forums and Social Networks
  • Terms of Use Review
  • Privacy Policy Review
  • Domain Name Clearance, Acquisition and Sale
  • Affiliate Program Review and Structuring
  • Federal and State Data Security and Notice Compliance Review
  • Copyright Infringement Assessment
  • Email Program Evaluation
  • Legal Analysis for High Risk Ventures. Recently we have rendered legal opinions as a specialized website lawyer on the operation and advertising of: Gambling Sites, Online Drugstores, Search Engines, Social Networking Sites, Record Label Sites, Personal Investment Sites, Dating Sites and Online Gaming.

A Website Agreement Lawyer Is Standing By Ready To Assist

If we are not reviewing websites, we are handling disputes about website agreements. Our website agreement lawyers provide a unique perspective. And keep in mind that we live and breathe the Internet all day, day in and day out. And if you are looking for contract work or review, or even help with structuring online relationships, visit the Contract Drafting and Negotiation page in the left navigation bar. Whether you are launching a website, feel the need for a check-up or a second opinion, or need assistance in negotiating or drafting a web development or web hosting agreement, Cybertriallawyer.com offers you the solution you are seeking. After all, the Internet is all we do!! Call us today toll free at 866-936-7447 to schedule a phone consultation with one of our expert Internet Law-Website Lawyers.

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